Postdoc Journal, a Journal of Postdoctoral Research [JPR], is a professional peer-reviewed multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary Open Access international publication. 

With approximately 120,000 postdocs worldwide, around 90,000 working in the US alone spread across hundreds of universities and research institutions, these young scientists are a major force behind almost all major breakthroughs in many fields of research with their inherent creative and hardworking nature. Postdoc Journal aims to highlight this fact by providing an exclusive platform to showcase their contributions. The journal, with a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary approach, publishes research findings in ALL fields postdocs conduct research in, and is chalked out to be a monthly/bi-monthly publication set to release on the 20th of each month. The journal accepts original research papers, reviews, perspectives, commentaries, progress articles, methodologies as well as research highlights - a 300-500 word summary of the most recent publication [60-90 days] in any journal that has an impact on ongoing research in that field. All submissions go through a rigorous peer-review process before accepting. The general time frame from submission to acceptance for well-written articles has been less than 6 weeks.

All manuscripts should be sent to or can be submitted online through an automated system. Submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter and contacts of 3 to 5 referees, experts in your focus of research. Please check author guidelines for additional info.

Postdoc journal is endorsed by an excellent panel of advisers, highly accomplished scientists and academicians, including a Nobel Laureate. The current editorial board consists of accomplished postdocs from various universities and research institutions representing a range of disciplines.