The OPA is pleased to grant five postdoc professional development awards per year, two in the spring and three in the fall. Applicants must prepare a description of a proposed professional development experience along with a budget, demonstration of need and letter of reference. Professional development may include support to travel to a professional conference or workshop, support to mentor an undergraduate or graduate student, or support for other training in another location, etc. Preference will be given to applicants wishing to extend their training beyond simply presenting a poster or short talk at a professional meeting. The expenses described must be incurred within one calendar year of the award.


FALL 2018





Previous Awardees

Spring 2018

Dr. Fadi El-Rami, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Rakesh Awale, Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Dr. Puerta will use her award to attend the prestigious ICES-PICES conference on the multidisciplinary study of the marine environment.

Dr. Sato will use her award to attend a conference and give a seminar at a research institution in Korea on biological-physical interactions in marine ecosystems.

Dr. Bezerra Da Silva will use his award to conduct research on the mechanisms of insecticide resistance of two major pests of US berries and grapes.

Spring 2016

Carla Schubiger(Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine) - Carla's award will fund travel to Hawaii to research the efficacy of a marine probiotic to preserve coral reefs from bleaching.

Erin E. Gorsich(Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine) - Erin's award will fund travel to a conference ad grant-writing workshop on modeling infection patterns of the foot-and-mouth disease of the African buffalo.

Fall 2015

Christopher Gaulke (Dept. of Microbiology) – Chris's award funded his mentorship of an undergraduate in a microbiome bioinformatics project.

Matthew Jones (Dept. of Forest Ecosystems and Society) – Matt's award funded travel as invited speaker to a national geophysical meeting and attend several workshops for networking.

Cleo Davie-Martin (Depts. of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology/ Dept. of Microbiology) – Cleo's award funded travel and special training to become an expert in PTR-MS (proton transfer reaction mass spectrometer) instruments.

OPA Professional Awards: Requests for Proposals

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