Researcher looking at petrie dish culture

The Oregon State University Postdoctoral Association (OPA) is a postdoc organization which provides opportunities for professional development and networking for all OSU-affiliated postdocs. We also work with the Associate Dean of the Office of Postdoctoral Programs (OPP) in the Graduate School to improve the postdoctoral experience across OSU. Check out the OPP newsletters on their site. You can also connect with us and keep up to date with our events and general information relevant to the OSU postdoctoral community by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for upcoming events:

Oregon State University's Postdoctoral Association invites you to meet, mingle and network with your peers the 3rd Friday of each month @ 5pm.  

Location: Downward dog 2305 NW Monoe Ave, right near campus

Date and Time: next Peers and Beers occurs August 18th @ 5 pm


Spring Picnic on July 2 from 1-5 PM @ Lions Shelter at Avery Park.