Welcome to 2021 OPA board members

Dear OSU Postdoctoral Community,

Thank you for your responses regarding the OPA Board members election for 2021. Please join us in welcoming the new 2021 OPA board members.

Committee Name
President Priya Chakrabarti Basu
Vice President Xi Zhang
Secretary Mareike Moeller
Treasurer Subham Dasgupta
Professional Development Coordinator Dorukhan Ardag
Industry Exploration Program Coordinator Radwan Elzein
Web Administrator and Public Relations Coordinator Sampath Adusumilli
Membership Coordinator Samreen Siddiqui
Networking/Social Events Coordinator Serhan Mermer

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the exceptional postdocs who served on the outgoing OPA committees for their support during 2020, the very different and very challenging period of time.

Message from OPA president

OPA board members, 8th Annual Postdoc Research Symposium


If you do not get our emails, please email us and we will add you to our list: [email protected]

The Oregon State University Postdoctoral Association (OPA) is a postdoc organization which provides opportunities for professional development and networking for all OSU-affiliated postdocs. We also work with the Associate Dean of the Office of Postdoctoral Programs (OPP) in the Graduate School to improve the postdoctoral experience across OSU.

News from the National Postdocs Association:

ASCB announces two professional and career development programs for the cell biology community in 2019: the Faculty Research and Education Development (FRED) grant funding program and a new Accomplishing Career Transitions (ACT) career transitions program. Both programs offer vital resources and training to senior postdoctoral students and junior faculty. These programs are aimed at those from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM as well as junior faculty at minority-serving institutions.

Learn to write grants with FRED

The FRED program is a structured mentorship program designed to boost the receipt of grant funding for its participants. The program pairs participants with a senior faculty mentor who aids in the preparation of a strong research or education grant proposal. 

Advance your career with ACT

The NIH-funded ACT program provides customized training for transition into faculty and research positions. It allows participants to acquire new skills and strategies to navigate career advancement. Participants also receive funding to create and execute a practicum plan that is reviewed by senior faculty and peers. 

Please consider or share this information. The application deadline for both programs is March 29, 2019. If you have any specific questions, please contact Ashanti Edwards at [email protected].





Photos!  Please send us photos of yourselves in action. 

Priyadarshini Chakrabarti Basu is a Research Associate (Post Doc) at the OSU Honey Bee Lab, College of Agricultural Sciences, led by Dr. Ramesh Sagili. The fleeting summer months are the only time when extensive and exhaustive field experiments are meticulously coordinated and honey bees are subsequently frozen for follow-up molecular analyses. When this picture was taken, Priya was evaluating hives which were nutritionally manipulated, to assess the impacts of malnutrition in bees.


The OPA would love to feature our postdocs and RAs on our webpage. Please send photos to [email protected]. Thank you!