The Industry Exploration Program provides career development opportunities for those looking to transition into jobs in industry, and those interested in connecting with local business representatives in Oregon for funding, support and networking. The IEP wants to provide postdocs with informational and networking resources at several levels of the interaction between research, industry, and business, including resume and application development, job hunting and interview tips, discussion of career options and opportunities, and even starting your own successful business! If you are interested in participating in this committee or have suggestions for events, contact one of our committee members.

Industry Exploration Committee

Chair: Radwan Elzein, [email protected]


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Previous Events


OPA Immigration Workshop- June 21, 2022

Information about career visas for international postdocs was presented by Arthur Serratelli, Serratelli Mijal LLC.


Transform the research from academia into industry – April 27th, 2020

In this seminar, Chih-hung (Alex) Chang a Professor in the School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering at the Oregon State University presented “Scalable Nanomanufacturing of Bio-Inspired Thin Films”. In the talk, recent progress in using continuous microreactors to synthesize bio-inspired nanostructured thin films and the applications of these functional nanostructured thin films for optics and heat transfer applications and highlighting the experience in translating the technology out of the lab to industry was discussed.


April 3rd, 2019: OPA Investment Workshop

OPA hosted OSU Alumnus Xiaofeng Wang from Trans America associated Financial Service Broker for Investment Workshop. The workshop have provide the participants understanding of family financial planning, retirement options, investment portfolios, and tax savings strategies, among other topics!

Dr. Jonathan Hurst, CTO & cofounder of Agility Robotics, February 27th, 12-1 pm at 402 Linus Pauling Science Center.

Ever wondered what it takes to start, run and grow a company? Interested to hear how legged robot technologies can solve mobility challenges of the future? Join an OPA talk by Dr. Jonathan Hurst, CTO & cofounder of Agility robotics and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at OSU. Agility Robotics is an OSU spinoff company that develops legged robot technologies to solve mobility challenges of the future. Get inspired by the story of Agility Robotics and take this unique opportunity to ask everything you ever wanted to know about entrepreneurship.

Career opportunities at Agility Robotics: 

February 15th, 2019: Katie Pettinger from OSU Advantage Accelerator, February 15th, 12-1 pm at 110 Heckart Lodge

Do you have a great innovation for a product or service but no funding to commercialize it? Interested to learn more about how to commercialize your research findings? Join us for an OPA event on February 15th 12-1 pm with Katie Pettinger from OSU Advantage Accelerator. Katie will share information about the ongoing Proposal Call for Technology Commercialization, and the opportunities for startups provided by the OSU Advantage Accelerator. In her role as the Commercialization Catalyst, Katie connects OSU innovators with resources for commercialization.

You can find Katie's slides here



April 25, 2018: The Hiring and Immigration Process in the US: A Workshop for International Postdocs, with David Ware, Immigration Attorney.

May 9, 2018: Funding and Support for Clean Technology Business Ideas, with Johanna Brickman, Oregon BEST.

March 14, 2018: Bridging the Valley – A Commercialization Perspective, with Scott Weaver, president of the Business Enterprise Center.

May 2, 2017: Pursuing a Career in Industry.

September 28, 2017: Industry Explorations – A Casual Company Presentation for Postdocs,  The Commercial Mushroom Industry, with microbiologist Dr. Zolton Bair from Top Hat Mushrooms Inc.

January 19, 2017: The Hiring and Immigration Process in the US: A Workshop for International Postdocs.

July 21, 2016: Workshop on Informational Interviews.

May 7, 2015: Lab Visit at Hewlett-Packard

April 14, 2015: Careers Outside the Academy - A Networking and Resumes Workshop. Representatives from OSU and local industry discussed career options and planning.

March 12, 2015: The Hiring and Immigration Process in the USA Workshop for International Postdocs. A panel of international scholars and professionals shared their back-ground, visa type, and experience of the sponsoring, hiring and immigration process in the US. Supported by the expertise of Dena Neese, Immigration Attorney.